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The Mountain Mysteries Returns

Almost dying changes nothing, but dying, well that changes everything. In October of last year, we lost a friend and a committed public servant, Oliver Little (FCSO 212). That hit me hard, then in February I lost a brother, Trevor Huff.

Trev was a brother to me, and to most that knew him. I found myself asking the question of how much loss can one human being handle, mom and dad, and now this?

Please don't misunderstand me, I don't have a monopoly on loss. We all lose people, but when they come back-to-back this close together.

Mom - January 21, 2019

Dad - February 24, 2019

Oliie - October 13, 2021

Trev - February 09,2022

Well...I'm sure you get the idea.

Point is, we can either let this beath the hell out of us or pick ourselves up and move forward, keep moving forward. It took some time, but I recalled Ollie, Trev and I discussing this podcast, and they both kind of figured it would take on a life of its own ... and it did. It was, and is something that I not only thoroughly enjoy doing, but I think it serves a purpose of some kind. When we remember those we lost, I can help but think that somehow keeps them alive and safely in our hearts. I never set out nor intended for this to be the case, I figured some episodes on April, and that would be that. It was intended for people to remember her and keep her memory alive. and now, over 50 episodes later on everything from the Moth man to hauntings and murders and UFO's, well... I guess you understand exactly where I'm coming from on this. TMM was never about me, but it has given me some sense of purpose in the later years in life, and admittedly I am enjoying that.

So, we are back producing episodes and welcome a new research talent in Amanda Collins. Who has worked diligently in bringing some unique new episodes on hauntings, murders and the like and we always welcome listener ideas . So here's to continuing something I hope will be enjoyed, and memories I hope we can continue.

Stay Mysterious,

Chris S

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