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Asked Questions

What are The Mountain Mysteries and what is it all about?

The Mountain Mysteries is a podcast that is about the people, and families of people that have gone missing, been abducted, or suspected to have been murdered, or straight out murdered and not received justice yet.


It’s also about that gray area of spiritual hauntings, unknown creatures and even Unidentified Objects and or alien lifeforms, Men in Black, etc. The mountainous areas of the world house so many mysteries that it’s nearly impossible to know them all. 


How did it start?

I wanted to do what I could to keep a friend’s memory alive and at the front of people’s thoughts. April Pennington. From there, it grew. All episodes are in her memory and honor. It has been 30 years since April passed, and there is not a day that goes by that we don’t miss her.


What is the podcast release schedule? 

The podcast releases every Friday wherever podcasts are found. We do a live gathering each Thursday at 8 pm E.S.T on Facebook. For early access on Tuesdays and short stories check out our patron! 

Do you have transcripts of your Episodes?


Yes, BUT they are altered due to the fact that many have testimonials that were not scripted. Some are brief due to the fact that parts we ad-libbed. Some are in their entirety.

Do you contact families?

NOT AS A RULE. We will never contact families who are suffering a recent loss.  We do not contact the families out of respect to their grieving processes. They must contact us.


However, if it is a cold case and we feel we may be able to help, we may contact them, and they have all rights to say no for any reason they choose, but if we can bring more exposure and help bring a family some peace and some form of justice, we would be honored to help in any way we can.


Do you charge to bring their stories to the podcast?

Absolutely not. I never will charge a family for anything of the sort. We use funding from Patreon to help cover the costs associated with the website, hosting of the podcasts, traveling for interviews, and the Gatherings (which is the live video stream).


I have a story/mystery I want to share. 

We are a podcast about the people, for the people. Anyone with a story to tell can always contact us. Reach out to us by our contact feature below or on our Facebook page. 

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