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The Mountain Mysteries: Episode #66, What Dreams Might Come

How dreams impact our lives and the possibility of connecting to those we've loved and lost ... 


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About Us

 Slone Studio is a world class production studio that specialized in narratives, podcasting and editing. The Mountain Mysteries goal is to bring awareness and preserve the memory of those that have been lost in the mountains or become victim to them. 




It takes work and dedication to make the products that we do. Our team works hard to write, edit, produce, and promote our podcasts, audiobooks and radio content and more. 

Chris Slone



Chris Slone is the content creator and host of The Mountain Mysteries. Chris spent a quarter of a century in broadcasting, as an on air personality, journalist and host. He now resides in Kentucky and enjoys time spent with his family, and creating in the studio, and performs audiobooks as well as narratives. 


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Voice Acting


Cody Wilson is the only child to Chris Slone. Cody works to promote all of the productions of The Pantry Studio on social media, as well as completes voice work for The Mountain Mysteries and creates all art used on merchandise and promotion. They also have 2 cats.

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